Thank you to my clients, both past and present, for providing their invaluable feedback.

"I was referred to Greg after suffering a repetitive strain injury. After a thorough assessment, Greg worked with me to find a stretching and strengthening routine that worked for me and my busy lifestyle. Thank you for your dedication, patience, motivation and professionalism. I am very satisfied with my experience and feel really good knowing I am working towards recovery."


"I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinopathy and was referred to Greg by my doctor. After seeing Greg over the last nine months and following his exercise regime, I am able to function fully. Before physio, I could not pull a bed sheet over me, or put on a coat without extreme pain. This summer I know I will be back to one of my favourite sports- waterskiing. I feel very confident in my increased strength and know I will be out on the water....and I am 74 years old. I recommend Greg highly because of his professionalism, attention to the details of my situation and his expertise in finding a solution to my extreme discomfort. Thank you, Greg."

Frankie Kellner

"Greg has helped me with a few injuries over the couple of years he was in Powell River. He had also helped Powell River Villa Soccer Club with injury prevention and strength and conditioning. He helped our team get back into the first division for the first time in over 10 years. He is dedicated to being the best, and is constantly educating himself to improve his practice and help his clients as efficiently as possible."

Dean Thorsell

"Greg helped me so much when I injured myself in my neck/shoulder. I had IMS, for me the first time. Greg is very professional and patient (as I’m not great with needles). He takes his time to explain what he’s gonna do and how IMS works, which really helped me to be less anxious during the treatment! Greg also helped me building strength for running. As I was not running as much before and wanted to train for a half marathon I needed to be careful with injuries. The exercises he gave me were awesome and definitely helped me through my trainings! I’d really recommend going to Greg if you need a physiotherapist. He’s an awesome guy to work with!"

Hanne Liefsoens

"I injured my right knee during the BMO marathon a few weeks ago. Greg did some IMS in my hip a week later. The pain relief was imediately and I could start to run short distances a few days later. Now I’m doing multipule day hikes in Peru without any pain in my knee! Greg did an amazing job! Also in the several months before the marathon, he gave me some excercises to strenghten my calfs and core! It was a pleasure to work with Greg!  Great guy, superb physio!"

Lode Van Hemelen

"Working with Greg has been invaluable to my recovery from several injuries and I will now continue to see him for ongoing maintenance and injury prevention. He has worked with me through all stages of injury - from acute to chronic, and he made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. As a retired elite athlete who now works a desk job and is a "weekend warrior" I like that he has his own experience in professional sport, while also understanding what issues can arise from the simple day-to-day. I especially appreciate how he tries to empower you to take cake care of your own body through education - it is obvious that he wants to help you help yourself get better, and not have to rely on him. That being said, his modalities, such as manual therapy and IMS, are very hands-on which I really appreciate. He's definitely not one of those physios that makes you do your exercises for 25 minutes then hooks you up to a machine and leaves you... he will be with you for every minute of your appointment. He's also very punctual which I've found very rare among health care practitioners. I wholeheartedly recommend Greg to all my friends and family and will continue to do so."

Katrina Davis

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